Angel and I

Two and half years earlier, my father died and I feel so much loneliness in my heart. Few days ago I and my mother went to Androscoggin Humane Society to just check out some animals. And I saw her (Angel) first time. I saw that a dog walking towards me with a worker of humane society. I am taking her for a walk and can you imagine who has been come with me? – Angel, I adopted her. She already got the name – Angel and I never try to change the name, because I think she is really an Angel from Paradise to fill the gap of my heart. After Some days I got a cat from someone. I named her Miki. Now Angel and Miki are good friends. I love them so much.

This is a little story of a girl who adopted a dog. And we can see how much happy she is. Like this so many people found happiness with a dog, a kitten or rabbit. These pets are just like a friend for lonely people.

In February 25th, 1885, the Androscoggin Humane Society has been constituted as a voluntary organization. It was a nonprofit organization founded to save the children and horses from abuse. United States Congressman Nelson M. Dingley Jr. was the 1st President of the humane Society.

In 1912, the organization makes a decision to change a little bit their services. They are going to make a Home for stray pets. But that time there was no sufficient balance to make a Home for the animals.

In 1970, the volunteer organization got a great donation from someone. This particular inspired the Board of Administrators to arrange a fund-raising board and buy property and made the 1st Shelter in Auburn.

In 1998, for the purpose of growing up generous number of animals, the organization announced that they going make a new Shelter where more than three thousand and five hundred animals can stay. In 2000, they buy a land in Strawberry Avenue and start the fund-raising for new shelter. After six years in 2006, the organization starts the construction for new shelter. In 2007, the new shelter in Lewiston was started. Now they take four thousand and two hundred animals every year. In 2013, the organization started spaying the animals to control the overpopulation. They spaying 917 dogs and 1,314 cats this year and give them spaying certificate.

Androscoggin Humane Society provides several types of services. The organization delivers adoption guidance who is intends to adopt an animal. To adopting an animal, the applicants must be agreed with all terms and condition of adoption. To control the overpopulation the volunteer society provides the spaying services for the animals.  They provides discount spay certificates also. They help you to found your lost pets. By using database system and investigate techniques the organization link up missing animals with their masters. For the responsible pet owners they start the humane education program. In this program the organization’s technician teach the pet owners about animal care. So the way Androscoggin Humane Society fights over 125 years to save animals.

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