Angel and I

Two and half years earlier, my father died and I feel so much loneliness in my heart. Few days ago I and my mother went to Androscoggin Humane Society to just check out some animals. And I saw her (Angel) first time. I saw that a dog walking towards me with a worker of humane society. I am taking her for a walk and can you imagine who has been come with me? – Angel, I adopted her. She already got the name – Angel and I never try to change the name, because I think she is really an Angel from Paradise to fill the gap of my heart. After Some days I got a cat from someone. I named her Miki. Now Angel and Miki are good friends. I love them so much.

This is a little story of a girl who adopted a dog. And we can see how much happy she is. Like this so many people found happiness with a dog, a kitten or rabbit. These pets are just like a friend for lonely people.

In February 25th, 1885, the Androscoggin Humane Society has been constituted as a voluntary organization. It was a nonprofit organization founded to save the children and horses from abuse. United States Congressman Nelson M. Dingley Jr. was the 1st President of the humane Society.

In 1912, the organization makes a decision to change a little bit their services. They are going to make a Home for stray pets. But that time there was no sufficient balance to make a Home for the animals.

In 1970, the volunteer organization got a great donation from someone. This particular inspired the Board of Administrators to arrange a fund-raising board and buy property and made the 1st Shelter in Auburn.

In 1998, for the purpose of growing up generous number of animals, the organization announced that they going make a new Shelter where more than three thousand and five hundred animals can stay. In 2000, they buy a land in Strawberry Avenue and start the fund-raising for new shelter. After six years in 2006, the organization starts the construction for new shelter. In 2007, the new shelter in Lewiston was started. Now they take four thousand and two hundred animals every year. In 2013, the organization started spaying the animals to control the overpopulation. They spaying 917 dogs and 1,314 cats this year and give them spaying certificate.

Androscoggin Humane Society provides several types of services. The organization delivers adoption guidance who is intends to adopt an animal. To adopting an animal, the applicants must be agreed with all terms and condition of adoption. To control the overpopulation the volunteer society provides the spaying services for the animals.  They provides discount spay certificates also. They help you to found your lost pets. By using database system and investigate techniques the organization link up missing animals with their masters. For the responsible pet owners they start the humane education program. In this program the organization’s technician teach the pet owners about animal care. So the way Androscoggin Humane Society fights over 125 years to save animals.

Adopt a Pet

Have you just walked around a street or anywhere and started seeing homeless dogs and cats everywhere? Well, I have and I can’t help but feel sorry for these unfortunate animals who just roam around the streets because they have nowhere else to go. I have always wanted a pet ever since I was a little kid. I always thought they were cute and adorable most especially dogs and cats.

Luckily for me, my uncle brought home a puppy and gave it to me when I was a kid. I was so happy then. I would always play with him and I was very enthusiastic during times when I had to feed him. He grew up to become a very friendly and fun dog to be with. My childhood would be a whole lot different if I didn’t have that dog. He was there in my happy times and that is why I considered him family.

In times when you just want quiet and peace and don’t want talk to anyone, you can always go somewhere and bring your dog along. He’ll even keep you safe. Or you can also cuddle in your bed with your super cute cat and watch your favorite TV series while eating ice cream. Sometimes, all you need is a pet to be with you on those super depressing times. They may not be able to talk to you but at least you know you’re not alone.

Plus, they can’t complain on how dramatic you are over something or how noisy you are while crying over an awful breakup. See, that’s just one of the reasons why you should definitely get a pet. Not only will they help you in those times of sadness but you can totally help them too by giving them a home and feeding them.

Speaking of adopting a pet, it is not that hard at all to find one because there are surely pet adoption centers near you. One great center that I have heard of is the Greater Androscoggin Humane Society in Lewiston, Maine. It is a nonprofit volunteer organization that originally aimed to protect work horses and children from abuse.

This mission was carried out but was stopped in 1912 due to financial problems. It continued functioning primarily as an advocate for animal rights and welfare, housing those animals in need at volunteer’s homes and boarding facilities.

Through the years, the Society evolved with the help of the generous donations from caring individuals. Now, their main mission is to use their resources to provide the best possible care for stray, abandoned and abused animals. Today, they took in nearly 4,200 animals a year and thankfully have an updated facility to accommodate the animals and the needs of the community.

The Humane Society does not allow animals to go to a new home without first being spayed or neutered. They spay/neuter every cat, kitten, dog, puppy and rabbit before adoption which is a really good thing. Dog adoption and cat adoption saves lives. Adopt a dog or a cat and you’ll have a friend forever. Contact the Society, another local humane society, animal shelter or SPCA now.


Ever heard of a temporary home for lost dogs or kittens or other animals? Well I know one and it is the Androscoggin Humane Society – a nonprofit organization that started in February 25th 1885. Their first main goal was to protect children and horses against abuse. Volunteers carried out this mission until 1912 but sadly due to lack of money to buy the land needed for the shelter of stray animals; they continue to function primarily as an advocate for animal rights and welfare. Housing animals in need at volunteer’s homes and boarding facilities. Back in the early 1970’s, the organization was granted a “generous donation”. That allowed them to a land and in 1972 the first shelter was built in Auburn. It is initially intended to accommodate just over 1000 animals per year. Animal numbers continued to grow through the years and renovations has been done to accommodate the growth in 1998. At the summer of the same year, they have announced a search for a land where they can build a new animal shelter to augment their Auburn facility.

In 2000, the land in Strawberry Avenue was purchased and the facility began its construction in April 2006. On January 25th a total of 51 animals were transferred from Auburn to Lewiston – the current facility.  Over the years, Androscoggin Humane Society has dedicated its time and efforts into helping and protecting unwanted or strayed animals. They accept lost, stray and privately owned animals. They serve as full service shelter – that means taking many types of animals although their goal is to adopt cats/kittens and dogs/puppies only. The shelter provides adoption counseling to those who are interested adopting animals. For them, it is very important to match the animal to the needs of the household. They also give discount spay certificates to individuals who bring litters or kittens to the shelter if they have the mother. In 1998, over 300 animals were reunited with their owners by using the computer database and investigation procedures done by the said organization. Through their classroom programs they encourage and educate the next generation of being responsible owners.

Through their program working with the Developmentally Disabled/Disadvantaged, clients are brought to the facility for socialization and interaction with animals to improve their social skills. They come to the shelter to help walk the dogs, animal socialization and other activities to gain confidence, develop social skills and being part of the experience. Currently, nearly 125 volunteers support the staff from animal socialization to fundraising to caring for foster litters in the shelter. Their Animal Enrichment program has variety of components such as aromatherapy, videos for visual stimulation and music to help keep animals comfortable and happy. In their effort to ensure that every dog and cat is placed in an appropriate home environment, a comprehensive behavioral evaluation is being done. Hopefully organizations like this will continue to expand and reach out so that dogs, cats and other animals can be man’s best friend. It can be yours too!